Powering Most Commercial Use Cases

Carenet AI can fit your specific use case – whether you’re a small team with a few roles or an agency managing multiple client campaigns.


Commercial Organization

Sales Development Rep

Have the SDR team reach out to the best prospects to enter into your sales funnel.

Sales Executive

Focus on the high-value targets and leverage Carenet AI intelligence to inform your pitch.

Account Management

Have Carenet AI data inform your customer vigilance team about upgrade & churn signals.


Understand who to target and what to say, based on signals, for your campaigns.


Evaluate territories, monitor rep performance by person andentity type, inform your market & offering strategic planning.

Healthcare Marketing Agency

Campaign Targeting

Have Carenet AI can power your healthcare marketing agency campaigns.

Leverage Our Data Warehouse

Ditch your Google Sheets and leverage our agency back-end for a central database powering campaign targets and results.

Add Your Own Data

Include your own data (or client data), in your own secure warehouse to further enrich your campaigns

Deliver Client Access

Give each client insights into the campaigns and results with your white-labeled version of Carenet AI with individual client accounts.


Healthcare Providers & Technology Companies

Campaign Targeting

Have Carenet AI can power your own outreach using any of the sales and marketing use cases.

Eliminate Your Data Silos

Leverage our AI platform with your data to get custom insights – your own engine for proprietary insights.

Resell to Your Customers

Integrate Carenet AI with your software product or become a distribution partner.

Healthcare Events

Increase Event Attendance

Supercharge your event promotions by inviting the perfect targeted care providers and exhibitors.

Enhance In-Event Exhibitor Services

Offer exhibitors the ability to get scored attendees for their specific use case to identify the best targets for their trade show booth.

Enhance Post-Event Exhibitor Services

Offer exhibitors the ability to get a lookalike audience for their trade show booth visitors and use our Data Activation service to market for them.


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