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Empower your commercial organization with Carenet AI actionable data, scored to your ideal customer profile.

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Find Top Healthcare Providers Who Need Your Offering

Carenet AI is a software platform that uses real-time data feeds and artificial intelligence to extract the key signals emitted from physicians, practitioners, nursing homes, hospitals, home health, medical device companies and more. 

Get the top 5% of your ideal customer target – the care providers, companies or facilities in your market – driven by proprietary combinations of data scored to match your ideal customer profile.

Understand who to target and what to say across multiple healthcare segments

Get multiple healthcare data feeds, frequency matched to your product or solution

Built for sales leaders and commercial teams

Customers have experienced

20x increase in engagement
3x increase in win rates
300% increase in sales efficiency

Powering Commercial Teams from Startups to Public Companies

Carenet AI supports most commercial use cases, regardless of company size. Give your sales and marketing team the actionable intelligence to optimize their performance.

Use Cases

Carenet AI can fit your specific use case – whether you’re a small team with a few roles or an agency managing multiple client campaigns.

Sales Development Rep

Have the SDR team reach out to the best prospects to enter into your sales funnel.

Sales Executive

Focus on the high-value targets and leverage Carenet AI intelligence to inform your pitch.

Customer Vigilance

Have Carenet AI data inform your account management team about upgrade & churn signals.


Understand who to target and what to say, based on signals, for your campaigns.


Evaluate territories, monitor rep performance and inform strategic planning initiatives.

Easy-to-Use in the Cloud

Carenet AI is a software-as-a-service subscription, so there’s no need for heavy IT integrations. Commercial teams access intelligence in our SaaS and transfer data to CRM and marketing automation when needed.

Intelligence That Sales Needs

Carenet AI solves the actionable data problem. 

Learn how we eliminate the need for purchasing expensive data and the painful process of wrangling it continuously to feed your CRM and marketing automation.

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