Delivering Rich Commercial Intelligence

To get the exact matches for your product or service, you need data from many different sources.

The Modern Cloud Unlocks a New Paradigm of Intelligence

Forget the days of the static nursing home list or physician list by specialty. You no longer need to target everyone with the same generic message or waste 90% of your budget on the wrong providers or companies.

The Carenet AI dynamic platform delivers signals that allow you to be laser targeted – made possible by the multiple streams of data from unique sources and custom scoring algorithms for your use case.

Custom scoring can be derived from a combination of any of our data sources (which is always growing).

Care Facility and Provider Index

We start from the baseline of all care providers in the US:

MDs and DOs

PAs and NPs

Chiropractors, Dentists, Nurses and Support Staff

Detailed Facility Firmographics and Quantitative Data

Carenet AI enriches all providers and facilities with dynamic, detailed intelligence which includes

Location, ownership, affiliations and star ratings

Bed counts, provider ratings and feedback, citations, COVID information, hiring and staffing intelligence

Care initiatives, specialists at locations and validated contact information

Granular Care Provider Information

Detailed care information creates rich intelligence, including location(s), year graduated, biography, specialties, background – disciplinary, ratings, insurance accepted, board certifications, languages spoken, awards, affiliated hospitals and other care facilities, abstracts of biomedical articles, amounts paid to physicians by various drug and device companies, contact information

Procedures performed

Prescriptions written


Geographic and Census Data

And we include location mapping and detailed census information


Relation to relevant other providers

Zip code income data

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