Commercial Intelligence for Your Team

Everyone wants better data. But the heavy lift is combining different data sources, in real time feeds, for your team to use every day.

Carenet AI Solves the Static Data Problem

AI can automate data collection and analysis – daily – to deliver intelligence for your commercial team to act on.

1. AI monitors digital signals from the healthcare providers or organizations in your market.

2. AI processes digital signals and scores healthcare providers and entities based on your ICP.

3. The organizations or providers in your target market are scored daily and fed to your team to take action.

Daily updates with dynamic signals at your fingertips

Our data feeds run in real time and pull the latest and most relevant signals for you. So if it's updated from the source, it's updated in your app.

Daily hiring, funding, rating and news intelligence.

Weekly and monthly prescriptions, procedures and DMEPOS.

Quarterly governmental data updates.

View the signals that drive your unique score

Black box scoring doesn't help sales and marketing teams. See the data driving the score to understand what to say.

Score drivers are tags attached to the entity.

Match score drivers to campaign / sales messaging.

View the underlying data for the score driver.

Access the right contact

Finding accurate contacts in post-acute is challenging. There's no single source of truth for contact information in healthcare.

AI reviews > 15 key sources and finds the best data.

Human touch for hard-to-find contacts.


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