A Passion for Delivering the Best Healthcare Market Intelligence

We’re reducing friction from getting the right products and services to the caregivers and patients who need them most.

Our Story

Transforming external data into actionable intelligence is in our DNA. Born as a data science studio company of a venture capital fund, we’ve automated the expensive and cumbersome data wrangling of the AI process to deliver actionable healthcare market intelligence via affordable SaaS subscriptions.

Since there was no service in the modern data cloud that transformed external data, at scale, in real time, to external users via an affordable software product in 2018, we built it. We’ve leveraged the contributions of more than 20 data scientists, engineers, mathematicians, product experts and industry experts during the three plus years of our AI platform development.

During that journey, we were faced with a decision. Startup data providers look to deliver the "easiest" volume of data they acquire to the largest number of customers (or else they’re a niche provider with very expensive data). That’s why so many “sales intelligence” providers are reselling the same company and contact info. It’s the natural pathway to scale a data company.

However, that pathway created a void in the marketplace. The real value for the customer comes by adding rich vertical data to that base of company and contact data. And no affordable healthcare data providers delivered that.

Healthcare is too critical of an industry to have friction between vendors and caregivers. That’s why we focused on healthcare.

The company was born as Rehinged – the data science company that delivers intelligence from external market data – and launched Carenet AI in December 2021 as our flagship offering – focusing on commercial intelligence in the healthcare market.

Our Vision

Democratizing access to data-driven intelligence in the healthcare market.

Our Roadmap


Delivering customized healthcare commercial intelligence to the 150,000+ companies selling into these care providers and facilities


Delivering customized healthcare commercial intelligence to the 100,000+ facilities and 4,000,000+ doctors & clinicians


Powering the data to bring doctors, caregivers, facilities, insurance, geography and people data allow us to enable virtual care.

Our leadership brings expertise in the four different fields that encompass the breadth of the Carenet AI offering:
GTM – Marketing and Sales
Healthcare – Industry and Leading Commercial Teams
Product – SaaS and Engineering
Data Science – Data Engineering and AI
Jim Sagar

CEO & Founder

Jim is an entrepreneur with expertise in modern market research, marketing and sales intelligence and strategic marketing.
Rob Crousore

Healthcare Commercialization  

Rob is an innovator and leader in the healthcare industry for 28 years in Sales, Marketing, Operations, Product Innovation and M&A.
Matti Kakkori

Chief Product and Technology Officer

Matti is a senior AI and SaaS product developer & manager, experienced in complex products in both startups and the enterprise.
Olivier Izacard

Chief Architect, Head of Data Science

Olivier is a Computational & Theoretical Physicist witha PhD, skilled in data visualization, software development & mathematics.
Stephen Kowalczyk

Director Engineering (Consultant)

Stephen is a senior software engineer with 20+ years of experience designing and building enterprise applications.

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