Uncover Your Best Target Customers

Get your own algorithm that scores all of the targets in your market to your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

Using Rich Data About Existing Customers to Build Dynamic Scoring

Have Carenet AI create your own algorithm to deliver just the data you need for your commercial team. Scoring is based on your existing products and services, or have the AI generate a lookalike audience algorithm based on our rich provider and facility data fit to your existing customers.


Get more insights about your target market

Leverage rich Carenet AI doctors, clinicians, company and facility data to get a custom scoring algorithm uncovering commonalities and patterns.

Drill down from a long list to narrow targets

Access the right mix of facilities or providers

Uncover additional intelligence about your customer base

Find providers that need your offering

Quickly move from a large potential population to a manageable number that are similar to existing customers.

Get your like audience algorithmically built from rich data

Understand the signals driving the algorithm

Reduce sales and marketing friction


Improve your targeting to increase metrics

For high-value doctors and facilities, get hyper targeted to optimize sales conversations. For mid-range offerings, go wider to increase the top of the funnel.

Focus the right message to the right targets

Have the underlying data to support the message

increase engagement and conversion ratios

Build a high performing commercial team

Eliminate the wasted marketing budget of sending general messages to the 80% of your market that's not ready to buy.

Create targeted, impactful campaigns

Improve SDR and cold outreach efforts

Optimize your most effective sales reps


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