December 13, 2022

MdDAO Enters into Agreement with Rehinged, Inc., To Integrate Carenet AI into the MdDAO & MyMedV® Metaverse Ecosystem

Jim Sagar
CEO and founder

Los Angeles, California, December 13, 2022: MdDAO, an organization formed through the collaboration of health consumers and experts in the fields of medicine, business, and technology, announces that it has agreed with Rehinged, Inc. to integrate its proprietary market intelligence platform into MdDAO’s MyMedV® metaverse ecosystem.  Rehinged, Inc. transforms external market data into actionable intelligence, and its Carenet AI is built specifically for the healthcare industry.  Integrating Carenet AI with the MyMedV metaverse ecosystem allows MdDAO to identify customer targets based on digital signals emitted daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. Carenet AI will identify the relevant combination of data containing their ideal customer signals for each metaverse avatar and then combine and score it to automate prospecting. This eliminates the need to invest in data science and data engineering infrastructure to make their commercial data actionable.  The data intelligence will benefit metaverse participants, from patients to providers.

“Being able to harness participant data and transform that into actionable intelligence is a cornerstone for success in the healthcare metaverse we are building,” stated OG Arabian Prince, MdDAO CEO and Co-Founder, as well as a tech visionary.  “Not only will this help socialize the visitor’s experience but it will also allow members of the medical metaverse to lead the conversation rather than have the conversation forced upon them. Simply, our community's goal is to reimagine what healthcare currently is and transform that into something useful rather than noise.”

“Our key differentiating factor is in the data,” stated Jim Sagar, Founder and CEO of Rehinged, Inc. “Our AI platform delivers unique intelligence by combining and interpreting disparate sources of data at scale. Siloed data creates tremendous inefficiencies in healthcare, and removing those silos is a necessary step to be able to connect providers, patients, and products more efficiently.”

“Moreover, with this integration, the patient or customer will be able to monetize their data within our ecosystem,” added Stephen Tang, MD, MdDAO Co-Founder. “With a simple opt-in strategy, the customer or patient will be able to signify their interest to participate in clinical trials and test products.”

Recently, the MdDAO consumer membership card was featured among ten of the best “Gifts For Your (Adult) Loved Ones This Holiday” in Reader’s Digest.  As the article noted, “A lifetime of health is the perfect gift for your loved ones this holiday season.”

About Rehinged

Founded in 2018, Rehinged is designed for transforming external data into actionable intelligence. Its AI platform eliminates the need for commercial teams to build data science departments to convert market data into actionable intelligence delivered through software-as-a-service.

About MdDAO

Founded in 2021, MdDAO was born from the collaborative initiative of individuals with a diverse and complementary set of expertise in healthcare, marketing, and technology.  Through the collective efforts and vision of the MdDAO community, it will design and build the premier metaverse in the area of health & wellness, improving access to care, hosting innovation, and leveling the playing field.  Opportunities for insights and discoveries will emerge through this democratic process.  Transactions on the MdDAO-derived metaverse, as decided upon by the DAO, will include but are not limited to virtual property, events, and healthcare services. A medical utility token (MedV) will serve as the preferred transactional token on the metaverse. It will be complemented by a “healthy habit” rewards program to drive adoption in the virtual and physical worlds. This unique interplay between the MedV token and the medical metaverse will shift healthcare towards an enhanced patient-centric interaction with a multi-dimensional experience.

MdDAO is a registered trademark of MyMedV, Inc.