November 30, 2022

Actionable Data for Selling Into Nursing Homes

Jim Sagar
CEO and founder

As anyone selling into skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) in the U.S. knows, getting high-quality, actionable data about SNFs is nearly an impossible task.

Until now.

Carenet AI now delivers unique insights about the skilled nursing facility channel from scoring unique combinations of data about SNFs in real-time. 

The post-acute care market is an import channel in our platform – and one that’s missing from most intelligence providers. We've invested a substantial amount of capital and effort into building the most capable commercial intelligence solution in this space.

Smarter Healthcare Data

Accurate data is a must-have for today’s healthcare sales and marketing teams. The right data can empower reps to understand who to target and what to say, leading to higher conversion rates, higher close rates and a more effective commercial team.

Here’s an example of data driving a score for SNFs for companies selling wound care products and services:

  • Any audit violations related to wound issues (i.e., bed sores)
  • Hiring for specific wound care skills
  • Initiatives outlined in job postings

Of the 15,000+ SNFs in the U.S., the facilities with the highest scores based on the above criteria need wound care products and likely to purchase. They’re at the top of the list with the underlying intelligence. You can also:

  • View wound care signal drivers over time - see bed ratios and star ratings for health inspections, staffing and quality of resident care, and more
  • Access ownership and contact information
  • Access visualizations of wound care violations over time, including the specific violation, severity and percentile compared to other nursing homes in the United States
  • Find the exact population with the same violations
  • View detailed metrics about staffing hours
  • View MDS scores for relevant codes and percentiles

This enables your team to focus their efforts on the top SNFs in need of your offering.

Use Cases

Wound care is just one scoring algorithm in our platform. Examples of other scoring for your ideal customer provide can include falls, infection prevention, financial products, nurse staffing, Medicare or Medicaid billing, equipment needs, insurance needs, software needs, patient care needs, food needs, training or facility needs.

All industries serving healthcare facilities can gain valuable intelligence from Carenet AI customized intelligence.

actionable data for selling into nursing homes

Our scoring algorithms and real-time data feeds eliminate the need for your business to interpret all of the individual data points to understand what action to take – allowing your sales and marketing team to see who to target and what to say.

In addition, our platform delivers the most accurate real-time information about the key decision makers, DONs, Administrators and their staff. Given the turnover in SNFs, this is a dynamic and daily process to ensure that your message gets to the right person.

Empower your commercial organization with Carenet AI actionable data, scored to your ideal customer profile.

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